Monday, 1 June 2015

  1. Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping,21st century architecture and a lively nightlife scene. Burj Khalifa, an 830m-tall tower, worlds tallest man made structure  dominates the skyscraper-filled skyline. At its foot lies Dubai Fountain, with jets and lights choreographed to music. On man-made islands just offshore is Atlantis, the Palm, The world Islands ,a resort with water and marine-animal parks.
BUT all this is costs an arm and a leg . 

Following is my guide to spend holidays or to live for a short time with the cheapest way possible . 

Three Things you can cut down money on :
1) Place of stay

1    Place Of Stay 

The most important factor where you could save a lot of money .
We would take 15 days as the period of stay as an instance .
if you take a decent hotel at a decent place for 15 days it woud cost you about 450 dhs or more for a night ( 122.61$ ) . That makes it a whopping 1830$ for a 15 night stay .
They key is to not go for such a hotel .

You now have 3 options
i) Rent a bedspace
ii)Rent a room
iii) Go for the cheapest hotels in dubai 

i) Bedspace ( Bag Packers ) 
Bedspace in simple terms means a single bed to sleep while sharing room with others .

If you are an Indian/Pakistani/Filipino you might find it very easy to find Bedspace for you in Bur Dubai  & almost all areas of dubai .

If you're not among above you can still find bedspaces via the link mentioned below . ( but it would be a bit tough for you )

Bedspace in dubai are as cheap as 140$ a month ! Yes 140$ !

ii) Rent a room/sudio appartment

If should rent a room if :
-You are a group of 3 or more people
-you have a family accompanying you 
-You're not an Indian/Pakistani/Filipino and you know you would manage to get company to share the rent with you .
-You could find partner(s) to share all expense including wifi .

iii) The Cheapest Hotels in dubai 
No hotels in dubai are unclean or dirty , The Cheapest Hotel you can get is for around 50$ a night but then you would have to stay in an area know as " Bur Dubai " . It is a High Indian & Pakistani occupied area . Though very lively but highly crowded to enjoy holidays . 

Here are the names of a few hotels in Bur Dubai and Deira
-Time Palace hotel ( opposite bank of baroda , Bur dubai . lowest is 68$ )
-Astoria Hotel ( Bur dubai )
-SunCity Hotel ( Bur Dubai )
-Queens Hotel Deira 
-Saffron Hotel  ( Al  Rigga Road  Behind ADCB bank )
-Arabian Courtyard
-Royal Ascort Hotel Appartments

to name a few , you can also check for deals on google .

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